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I am concerned about the bureaucracy of the health care system in our country. There are many gaps, ranging from large gaps in insurance coverage to surprise medical bills. However, it is undeniable that our system, imperfect as it is, does extremely well – promoting the development of new drugs.

It has been nothing short of amazing how quickly we have been able to create vaccines to fight COVID-19. Our pharmaceutical industry responded immediately to the pandemic and even worked with competitors to increase efficiency and scale.

Make no mistake, we got to this point with a free market approach to medical innovation. By removing restrictions on research and development of treatments, our government has been able to further encourage the rapid delivery of vaccines to put us on the path to normalcy.

This is something that I hope will continue. I believe our government has an obligation to patients and should continue to support the work of the pharmaceutical industry. Ultimately, the goal of all patients is to be cured.

Unfortunately, a bill under consideration in Congress could threaten Exact Innovation – HR3. While attempting to cut costs, the bill would reduce the possibility for our country to find new medical advances that could save lives. This past year shows our only need for innovation.

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