Kidscreen donates to support LGBTQ+ youth

When we arrived in Miami on Friday, I had the great pleasure of personally delivering Kidscreen’s $10,000 donation to pride lines, a local nonprofit that has been supporting and empowering South Florida LGBTQ+ youth for 40 years. Their headquarters in Little Haiti was impressive in every way, with a focus on providing a safe space for true self-expression that was evident in installations like this incredible mural by bi-racial queer artist Sam Kirk. .

The space tour with CEO Victor Diaz-Herman (pictured) sparked all sorts of ideas for me about what else Kidscreen and Pridelines could do together in 2023, from planning conference sessions to repurposing from event furniture, to our long-term partnership with the InterContinental Miami for volunteerism and homeless shelter donations.

Leveraging registrations for Kidscreen Summit 2022, this year’s donation helped Pridelines reach an important fundraising goal to continue providing essential health services, walk-in support programs and a wide range of social activities. /leadership to LGBTQ+ youth in Miami-Dade County. It’s wonderful to make this kind of difference in a community we’ve all come to know and love so well over the years, and I really look forward to building on this initial effort in the months to come. If anyone is interested in joining us on this journey of giving back, please email me at

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