Kid Cudi leads the conversation at this year’s Youth Anxiety Center dinner

Last night at Saint Theo’s in the West Village, a group gathered for a family meal. Guests thronged the restaurant to a mix of banquettes and round tables, and chatter buzzed under the painted tin ceilings until the main dialogue of the evening took place, that between Kid Cudi and the editor. from, Chioma Nnadi. The subject? Youth anxiety, depression and the importance of self-care and treatment.

Hosted by Tory Burch, Brent Saunders and Anna Wintour, the dinner supported the Youth Anxiety Center at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Founded 11 years ago, the center hosts a clinical and research program dedicated to addressing the epidemic of anxiety and depression in adolescents and young adults. It’s a cause that seems particularly topical and urgent since the onset of the COVID pandemic: figures cite rates of depression among teens that have increased by more than 50% in the past two years.

“Before going to therapy, music was there for me. It was the perfect way to express myself and feel safe,” shared Kid Cudi, an artist who hasn’t been shy about sharing his own experiences. with depression and drug addiction. He lost his father at the age of 11 and now, as the parent of a young girl, Cudi understands the serious importance of mental health care for young people. “I always ask to my daughter if she’s cool. I always check in with her,” he told Nnadi. “It’s important; I feel like it’s good for our connection.

Cudi and Nnadi’s conversation followed opening remarks by Zandy Forbes, who is a longtime YAC supporter. “This center is really unique in that it doesn’t just treat patients,” she explained. “There are five clinics and there are around 3,000 people treated and 50,000 visits every year, but that’s not just for the region. There are many ways in which all [the YAC’s] the information, all that learning, can be disseminated to a wider population, such as through an app that’s being developed that allows you to get cognitive behavioral therapy anywhere in the country.

Seated in the audience was a large group of thought leaders and creatives, but the VIPS were most certainly the doctors at the center: Dr. Herbert Pardes, Dr. Shannon Bennett, Dr. Cristiane Duarte, Dr. Francis Lee, Dr. H. Blair Simpson, Dr. Carolina Zerrate and Dr. Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele.

The guest list was also rich in designers, with Batsheva Hay, Mike Eckhaus, Anifa Mvuemba of Hanifa, Tamara Mellon and Kenneth Nicholson all in attendance. Selah Marley was there, in a dress that had belonged to her mother, Lauryn Hill; Jordan Roth wore a white Loewe suit; and Huma Abedin looked stylish in bright red.

The power of fashion and mood was somewhat of a theme for the evening. Closing his conversation with Nnadi, Cudi mentioned how optimistic he was about the future, one that will be led by a generation open to new ideas and passionate about self-expression. “At no time did my daughter ask me why I paint my nails. She thinks they’re cool,” he said. is drugs.”

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