Judge deliberating on the release of Lubbock dentist, 8th possible victim comes forward

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – The Lubbock dentist accused of child pornography is now waiting for a federal judge to decide whether or not he will be released from prison. Jason White, 41, appeared in federal court on Friday morning at 10 a.m. for his detention hearing. His lawyers pleaded for his release from prison, while prosecutors pleaded to keep him in detention.

The judge told the courtroom that he had to assess the testimony and new evidence before he could make his decision. The new evidence comes from an eighth possible victim who has come forward. This person attended the Lubbock Police Department on Thursday evening. The victim was 13 at the time and claims there was “hands-on” contact from Jason White.

An LPD detective who spoke said he received a lot of advice regarding more potential victims and information about the collection. The detective said that LPD is currently sorting out more advice than it can take at the moment.

During the hearing, the court heard that the chief financial officer and partner of Jason White Dentistry had resigned.

The prosecution argued that White posed a flight risk and posed a threat to the community. They claimed White had an ongoing pattern of grooming young children for 25 years. They asked the court for no conditions of release for fear of revictimizing those who presented themselves to the police and they believe that there are more victims to come forward.

The defense argued that Jason White has limited assets to present a flight risk and called several witnesses to argue in favor of White’s “philanthropic” nature. They also argued that the government lacked sufficient evidence to keep White in jail. Defense attorneys said there is “only one confirmed photo of” possible child pornography “and that it is unrelated to the complaint. The defense also said the victim’s mother “threatened to ruin him” and had a financial interest against White.

A private investigator hired on White’s behalf said he interviewed 12 people close to White. He said he is active in his community and that he is “a good boss and friend and always ready to help”. The investigator said White was not wealthy and had only $ 80,000 in liquid assets and that White’s practice would “almost certainly shut down” if White could not return to work. It has 12 employees. Additionally, the investigator says the defense gave him White’s passport for safekeeping.

Three character witnesses, who are family friends, say White hasn’t done anything wrong that they’ve seen and say he’s a philanthropist. Of the dozen or so interviews conducted by the private investigator, including children, they did not say they did not feel safe with White.

The decision could be made on Friday afternoon or even until Monday.

On January 14, 2021, FBI and Homeland Security agents, as well as Lubbock Police, raided White’s dental office and house, by removing objects from the building and its vehicle. During the raid, White was arrested and held in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

White has been charged with crimes involving child pornography, according to federal documents.

Then on January 20, 2021, new state fees were filed against White. The state arrest warrant, he was charged with sexual performance by a child. These charges stem from the same allegations that were made on the federal charges. A bond for state charges was set at $ 150,000. White’s attorney posted bail, but because White was on federal pending at the county jail, he was not released.

Then on January 21, 2021, a civil lawsuit has been filed against Jason White, accusing White of sexually assaulting a minor. The plaintiff’s attorney, Kevin Glasheen, said Dr White “apparently has a pornography business”, which they alleged in the lawsuit. “He offered money to underage children to produce pornography. He touched children inappropriately. And it is apparently, based on the evidence we have uncovered, that it has been going on for a long time and it is widespread conduct that involves a lot of other people, ”Glasheen said at a press conference Thursday afternoon.

They’re suing White for at least $ 10 million.

The civil lawsuit may not be resolved for a year and a half, due to federal and state cases against White.

In federal and state court documents, both complaints mention other adult men who may be involved in sharing child pornography with White. In a press conference with Glasheen, he said: “We have an idea, and it potentially involves some very eminent people. And I’ll say that because it’s such a strong accusation and allegation that, you know, we’re not ready to name these people just yet. I would like to go through the discovery process in the civil case i.e. take depositions regarding obtaining documents, then we will see what kind of evidence law enforcement authorities have. Once Dr. White is indicted and law enforcement authorities, prosecutors, will have to turn their evidence over to him. It’s called the Brady material, where defendants are allowed to see what law enforcement has in a criminal case – the criminal discovery, they call it – and he will get that material and we’ll l ‘will get from him. We have the right to get this information from Dr. White. So we’ll have all the federal evidence at that point. Until then, we can try to collect the depositions of Dr. White and his partners. I expect him to plead the fifth. It will be interesting to see who else is arguing the fifth as we progress through our process of issuing subpoena and filing depositions. “

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