John McMullen: Jason Kelce has message for Eagles fans who want a pre-play draft position

In good or bad seasons, in many ways Jason Kelce is the face of Philadelphia sports, or at least the veteran All-Pro center should.

At 33 and fighting a 4-8-1 season with a healthy arm and a mane of hair his younger brother Travis would kill for, Kelce gave a passionate take on what the NFL is like on Wednesday The lone survivor of attrition that forced the Eagles to start 12 different offensive line combinations in their first 13 games, a number that will become 13 of 14 Sunday in Arizona.

“I think at all times in the NFL the goal should be to win the football game,” Kelce said. “Nothing else takes precedence, no player reviews, no curiosity from anyone in the organization. In my opinion, in this league, everything is all about winning games.”

To say that many in the modern landscape disagree is a great understatement.

Perhaps no city can better discuss deliberate losing than Philadelphia.

At least part of the fan base here really believes he has a PhD. reeking of the joint for the “greater good,” coupled with the undeserved arrogance that binds them to two executives that many of them don’t like very much right now, the dynamic duo who lead their beloved Eagles – owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman.

Maybe the catchphrases are different, but the losing crowd is the only way to harness the same self-glorifying guts that gave birth to the “gold standard” or “the quarterback factory.”

Kelce, on the other hand, embodies the old-fashioned Philadelphia narrative of the blue-collar, hard-worker mentality. The kind who will fight through a hypertensive elbow in a dismal season for his teammates even if the easier path is obvious.

The people of the “Process”?

These are the lemmings of Chris Heck’s “New Philadelphia”, fearful of stepping out of the carefully cultivated echo chamber that abhors original thought and is fueled only by conformity. Dare to oppose the monolith at your peril or those with the IQ of a ham sandwich will unleash the debating power of 1,000 protected souls emboldened by a competing ideology ban.

A friend of mine has a voicemail message describing pride in thinking that you have played with the system or the assumption that you have thought of something that no one else has: “If you happen to be the right one. the smarter the room, you “you’re in the wrong room.”

“You don’t care about me or this team. You care about the future, you care about that. That’s not what’s the goal here, it’s not what the focus is. is put on the team of a winning organization. ” —Jason Kelce

The smartest among us never stop learning and always adapt as we receive new information.

Perhaps it’s ironic that Kelce was the one to pitch the idea of ​​losing as a strategy this week.

You can’t decide when it’s time to switch from scratching and scratching for every win in evaluating young players or how much of a higher draft pick in April for the Eagles.

And if you did, Kelce wouldn’t be your hero, half-blitzed in a Mummer outfit spewing out a Stone Cold Steve Austin level promo because he would have long since tapped into the culture you created before the Lombardi Trophy. is never brought back to One NovaCare Way.

“You see a lot of losing teams taking losses for a number of years when they have bad crops,” Kelce explained. “They have cultures where you don’t try to win every week; what are we going to do in the draft, what are we going to do in free agency, what can we do here?

“In football – it’s not basketball – a draft pick won’t make us a Super Bowl champion.”

Even in basketball, it’s extremely rare for a single player in a generation like LeBron James to think what he says – once in a generation, not once in a year or two.

“Tanking for Trevor [Lawrence]”is just the latest example in the NFL, a stepson of Indianapolis” Suck for ” [Andrew] Luck, ”although the New York Jets and our old friend Joe Douglas are going after Lawrence on merit this time around.

“It might be a good start to a Super Bowl championship, but it’s still going to be about the team,” Kelce said of the costliest item. “It’s the best thing about the sport, the culture and the way guys fight, and the way guys go about their business is a huge reason for success in this league and in this sport.”

The Eagles will try to win Sunday in Arizona, and whether or not it is successful, the goal will not change against either Dallas or Washington in the past two weeks.

“Nothing takes precedence over trying to win a football game,” Kelce said. “I don’t care who you try to assess, I don’t care if you lost every game, you are 0-15 and this is the last one you have, it’s all about winning in this league.

“I know it won’t appease a lot of people who still want to talk about getting better draft positions, to take a look at some guys to see what you have for the future, but, again, the when a team feels like you as an organization, you’re not doing your job to get me out and winning, all of a sudden you’ve shown who you are. “

And who are you?

Take him home, Jason Kelce.

“You don’t care about me or this team,” Kelce said. “You care about the future, you care about it. That’s not what’s the focus here, it’s not what the focus is on a winning organization’s team. “

Now it’s a promo.

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