iVET360 unveils toolkit for recruiting and hiring veterinarians

This free resource provides hiring and practice managers with a reference for writing compelling job postings, developing a formal hiring process, and beyond.

iVET360 recently released its recruiting toolkit1—A series of articles, models and practical guides designed for veterinary practices and developed by the company’s human resources and training team.

The comprehensive toolkit has been created to help practice and hiring managers establish a formal recruiting and hiring process and navigate the complex legal issues associated with interviewing candidates. In addition, it also has an exclusive and user-friendly job posting creation tool.2 to make the job posting process simpler, faster and more efficient.

According to a company statement,3 This resource addresses the major issue surrounding recruitment and hiring in the veterinary industry, confirmed by the results of the iVET360 Practice Manager report released in September 2021.4 The report surveyed 683 practices in 49 states and found that recruiting was considered the # 1 challenge for most veterinary hospitals.4

Additionally, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) cites that there are currently around 18 open positions for every veterinarian looking for a job and 6 open positions for each technician or assistant.5 Due to the high volume of vacancies and burnout amid the COVID-19 pandemic, iVET360 is committed to helping in any way it can, according to Heather Romano, general manager of human resources and training for iVET360.

“We can’t wave a magic wand and increase vet school enrollment or inspire more people to become vet techs,” Romano noted. “But what we can do is offer our expertise to an industry on which we frankly depend. This is our motivation behind the creation of this site.

iVET360 encourages clinics to bookmark or download its free recruiting toolkit for reference at each stage of recruiting and hiring.

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