Indian youth volunteer with NGOs, so should you

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Whatever we achieve in life, we give back to society, knowingly or unknowingly, at one time or another. It’s another thing to voluntarily give back to the community. Today, many young people choose to volunteer with an NGO. The reasons are many, but all crucial. It is a positive sign that indicates that the young people who will be the future of this country are empathetic, generous, empowering and caring towards society and its members.

If you are a young person who has just finished your studies, you can go out and register with a nearby NGO. Why You Might Ask…Here’s Why

Make a difference: Uplifting and helping the underprivileged sections of society is the best thing you can do to give back to society and the nation as a whole. Your services within the NGO will promote community development. You realize the importance of helping others in need and the kind of difference it can make. It is good to know that your service and efforts can bring about a positive change in the lives of many people.

Build your career: Volunteering has helped many people get jobs with reputable companies. When you search for job opportunities, it gives you an edge over others. Many companies today recruit candidates with some social work experience. The reason for this is that these people have refined interpersonal skills and a wealth of experience working with people of all kinds.

Adds weighting to the resume: Many NGOs also offer a letter of experience, a certificate or a letter of recommendation. It makes your CV strong and speaks well of you.

Networking Opportunities: Volunteering with an NGO involves having to communicate with many people from different fields of work. Whether it’s an event or a campaign, you’ll connect with people who will add value to your life. It’s a great way to network. You never know how useful this network can be in life. Also, when you meet people, there is a good exchange of ideas and information which opens new doors of learning.

Image source: Pexels

Personality development: One of the greatest personal benefits of working with an NGO is the development of interpersonal skills. You learn to be a good listener, a good speaker and above all a good communicator. You become more confident and better understand other people’s issues and concerns. With extensive experience, you cultivate the skills of a good leader and decision maker. Volunteering helps develop communication, leadership and decision-making skills. Overall, your personality is enhanced.

If you are considering volunteering, you can work in these student-friendly NGOs

MAD (make a difference)

Objective: Contribute to building a reasonable quality of life for every child

green peace

Objective: To protect the environment

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Objective: To conserve the Earth’s biodiversity, minimize unnecessary consumption, reduce the impact of climate change, reduce pollution, and formulate policies that will improve environmental governance.


Objective: Reduce poverty and social injustice and empower women and girls


Objective: Defeat leprosy by assisting in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of those affected by the disease.

Teach for India

Objective: To reduce educational inequalities

There are many unfortunate and disadvantaged souls in the world. They don’t have access to some of the basic facilities in life. If your service and efforts can still improve the life of one soul among many others, it will equal a successful life.

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