Improve Your Pet’s Care: Why Pet Owners Choose Specialty Veterinary Medicine

(GTU) – As individuals, we consult with our family physicians for routine wellness checks and general health concerns. But sometimes when our primary care doctor is not sure or feeling confident about diagnosing a problem, they will refer you to a specialist for further examination. You wouldn’t guess. But like us, our pets also have specialist doctors!

MedVet is a family of emergency and specialty veterinary hospitals committed to providing exceptional care for your pets. Board certified specialists and highly trained emergency vets work closely with you and your family vet to provide the best possible care for your dog or cat.

If you want a more personal approach to veterinary care, Medvet is for you. They recognize that our pets are an important part of the family. The staff strive to provide the most advanced medical care with the utmost compassion for you and your pet. Their goal is to work with you and your family veterinarian to provide the specialist care needed to get your pet home as quickly as possible.

The clinic is relatively new to the Salt Lake City area. MedVet opened to improve the lives of pets, their loving families and the veterinary community in the Salt Lake City area and the wider communities of Weber, Davis, Morgan and Summit counties in August 2020.

It’s the only place to go if your pet requires special care. Their team of experienced and compassionate clinicians work with your family veterinarian to provide advanced medical care for your pet. The specialized services available include intensive care, dentistry and oral surgery, dermatology, internal medicine, medical oncology, radiology and surgery.

Do you think your pet needs specialist veterinary care? Get more information on or speak with your family veterinarian about a referral to one of their board certified specialists. You can also call the hospital directly to speak with a member of the care and service team.

MedVet offers a full range of services for your animals:

  • Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Medical oncology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • Dermatology
  • Critical care
  • Cardiology

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