ICMR Approves Meril’s Self-Use Rapid Antigen Test Kit for COVID-19

The test kit is priced at 250 and will be available as a single pack, with additional purchase options including a 3, 5 and 25 test pack.

Meril Diagnostics of Gujarat has announced that its self-use rapid antigen test kit for COVID-19, CoviFind, has received approval from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

“This locally researched and developed test kit can reliably detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus in infectious individuals and therefore can be used to test symptomatic individuals and immediate contacts of confirmed coronavirus cases, as specified by the recent ICMR guidelines, ”the company said in a statement.

“The CoviFind test for the home self-test is very effective in people with a medium to high viral load, especially in detecting infection in the case of people more likely to transmit the disease to others”, adds the communicated.

The test also delivers results quickly, providing results within 15 minutes, he said.

The test kit has no specific storage or refrigeration requirements, which makes it easy and easy to distribute, he added.

The test kit is priced at 250 and will be available as a single pack, with additional purchase options including a 3, 5 and 25 test pack.

Each test kit is equipped with test materials including a test device, a sterile nasal swab, and a pre-filled buffer tube with a stopper.

No additional instrumentation is required. The kit will also contain an Instructions for Use (IFU), detailing the step-by-step procedure on administration, handling and disposal after use of the test kit, as well as a disposable bag.

The self-use test is to be used with the company’s official home test mobile app, “CoviFind App”, which will be available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store once that the product will be marketed.

The test kit will be available in two weeks at retail pharmacies, online pharmacies and through e-commerce platforms including Amazon and Flipkart, with the company trying to speed up the process, he said.

It will also maintain a website dedicated to direct orders of the test kit by individuals and institutions.

“By making fast and reliable antigen tests available to everyone in a convenient format, Meril’s CoviFind test kit will facilitate early detection, isolation, treatment and contact tracing,” said Sanjeev Bhatt, vice -Senior President, Corporate Strategy, Meril Diagnostics.

“This will limit the spread of infections, contributing to the country’s continued efforts to quell the second wave of the pandemic. We are committed to producing our locally developed self-use test in high volumes to meet India’s testing needs, ”he added.

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