HUBBARD: The region’s future stars in summer camps for young people

This summer I’ve kept busy covering the local sports scene here in Newton County. But, unlike when the school year is in full swing, I found myself doing the rounds for summer camps for local school kids.

Many varsity level teams have hosted children for their respective camps to help teach them the basics of their sport.

When I went to one of the first summer camps, a person approached me and asked, “Do you cover summer camps too?” I immediately answered “Yes”. But I’ve spent the last few days wondering why I like to cover youth summer camps.

One of the reasons I love covering camps like this is seeing the kids running around and having a blast. Yes, I know they’re learning a new sport, but watching every kid having fun always makes me smile.

Another reason I get the thrill of covering camps is to watch college coaches and players seemingly pour and invest in the future of their program. I am always impressed with the effort that each coach puts into running a successful and fun camp to help kids get interested in their sport.

It also seems like the college players are having as much, if not more, fun than the kids attending the camps. And that’s just awesome.

Then there’s a deeper reason why I love covering summer camps.

You never know who, among the group of participants at a given camp, will be the next star of the region. I mean, superstar athletes like Stephon Castle, Peyton Brooks, Ashton Evans and Dezaria Johnson didn’t become stars overnight.

At one time, even the region’s elite players were once small children learning for the first time the sport they now excel at. So, it’s pretty cool to cover the camps and, who knows, maybe you’ll see a star born.

All in all, it’s pretty cool to go to all the events at a summer camp. There’s so much going on that makes the coverage interesting and exciting.

Phillip B. Hubbard is a sportswriter for The Covington News. Contact him at

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