Henry County Youth Leadership Class Gets a Hands-On Water Lesson | News

McDONOUGH — The Henry County Water Authority recently hosted 40 students for the Public Service Youth Leadership Class.

The group visited the Tussahaw Water Treatment Plant and the Cubihatcha Outdoor Education Center. Activities included a lesson on the water industry which covered sewage collection and treatment and drinking water.

A tour of the Tussahaw factory was conducted, followed by the completion of a service project at the outdoor center. Students learned how to clean and prepare the Cubihatcha community garden as well as pollinate and plant ground areas.

“It’s always a great opportunity to educate our young people about the value of water and provide our future leaders with the tools they need to help protect the environment,” said Lindsey Sanders, coordinator of the HCWA environmental compliance. “Engaging the leadership of young Henrys in this conversation and then showing them how to take action at our outdoor education center in Cubihatcha made for a very productive day.”

Youth Leadership Henry is a leadership program for sophomore high school students, sponsored by the Henry County Chamber of Commerce. Youth Leadership Henry’s goal is to identify emerging leaders, bring them together in an atmosphere conducive to the free exchange of ideas, and provide them with an enriching educational experience.

“Youth Leadership Henry students had a great time visiting the Tussahaw Water Plant and Reservoir, as well as the Cubihatcha Center, for their day program on water resources and community work,” said Lyndsay Theado, President of Youth Leadership Henry. “As the saying goes, ‘Our children are our future.’ So, by knowing the importance of maintaining a safe and sustainable water source to keep our community healthy and thriving, they are now better informed of the important role that everyone plays in our ecosystem. We thank the Henry County Water Authority for their time and hospitality for our group to visit and learn so much.

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