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Bids for the chimney demolition were discussed at Tuesday’s Bradford Health Authority meeting.

Three bids were received, and upon review and with a recommendation from Gannett Fleming, the bid was awarded to Wargo Enterprises of Akron, NY, which submitted the lowest bid at $ 190,000. The project will include the complete demolition of the 150-foot chimney that has been out of service since the closure of the city’s old waste incinerator.

The new five-year NPDES permit issued in December 2017 revised limits which can be difficult to meet. BSA submitted a major modification request to the PA Department of Environmental Protection. The major license amendment, if approved, will extend the final limits by 4 years and 11 months from the effective date, which is the end of April 2023.

This will allow Gannett Fleming more time to complete a Phase II TRE (Toxicity Reduction Assessment), which will include a review of the Penntox watershed flow model, as well as a process assessment. treatment plant to determine the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant of BSA established the final limits of the permits.

The Phase II ERR must be completed within 180 days of April 14, or October 11.

DEP also contacted officials to schedule a Phase 3 fence inspection at the wastewater treatment plant, which was completed when a representative from the DEP site visited on Monday. Everything was in order and a final report will be published.

Gannett Fleming will contact Phase 3 General Contractor Hickes to schedule a warranty assessment of the entire Phase 3 project during the month of June. Hickes addressed several lawn locations last week that needed additional restoration.

In new business, American Refining Group contacted BSA to follow up on preliminary discussions regarding the storage and deployment of emergency oil dams in the event of an oil spill in the creek. They propose to store a large shipping container on the BSA lawn areas near the fence line and add an additional access gate north of the current creek side gate access. The board wishes to assist ARG and is taking this request into consideration.

The teams rinsed the pipes by gravity and cleaned and rinsed the manholes. In Sanitary Sewer Subsystem # 1, 19,228 LF gravity pipelines were cleaned / flushed and underwent a full 18,980 LF review, while 110 manholes were cleaned / flushed and 100 of them were fully examined.

During those assessments, crews found a critical issue, which was a broken 8-inch gravity-driven sanitary line on Fisher Court that was being repaired on Tuesday. During this time in storm sewer subsystem # 10, 2,775 LF gravity pipes were cleaned / flushed and a full examination was performed on 2,174 LF.

To date, on Subsystem # 10, nothing critical has been found requiring immediate attention. Health Authority executive director Steve Disney noted that progress is slow, due to the amount of debris and heavy sediment in the storm pipes.

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