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There has been a growing demand for young people to get actively involved in politics in order to boost the economy faster.

In recent years, many countries have experienced a sharp increase in their youth population. More than half of the world’s population of 7.4 billion is currently between the ages of 20 and 44.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, around 70% of the continent’s population is under the age of 30, but the level of involvement of young people in politics remains lower than that of older generations.

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The slow economic growth of the elderly has become a matter of concern and has rekindled the spirit of young people to actively engage in politics to save the country from collapse.

The story remained the same in the Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency as locals continued their appeal to Kelvin Jombo Onumah, who over the past two decades has impacted the lives of his people with his personal wealth.

Kelvin Jombo Onuma is a worthy son of the ancient kingdom of Abiriba. The CEO of Sublime Group, a philanthropy par excellence. A man whose philanthropic gestures are without borders and are mind-blowing.

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When a man has such an impact on the lives of others and decides to ease his limits of empowerment through the representation of his people, you can be sure of more lives that will be empowered.

Kelvin Jombo is not a politician, he is a man on a mission. The launching of his personality into politics is rooted in his divine calling to reach a wider population that his philanthropic gestures usually cannot reach to provide lasting empowerments, economic growth and infrastructure development. All he needs is our support at this point.

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As the primary elections are already scheduled and approaching, it will be appropriate for the PDP delegates for the House of Representatives to consider him the most fit for the Arochukwu/Ohafia House of Representatives ticket. He is the most fit for running. He is a young man with ability, skill, connections, eloquent and humble.

He will know his way around the house to lobby and bring needed democratic benefits to his constituency and beyond.
He is the young man we need at this time to redress the economic and infrastructural situation of the Arochukwu/Ohafia constituency. The hour has come, it is the hour of youth.

The cap is suitable for Chief Kelvin Jombo, Igurube 1 from Abiriba, Nwabugo 1 from Ndi Erim Umueso, Agbawo Dike Izu 1 from Ohafia Udumeze.
The House of Representatives is calling, come on and make us proud.

Young people obviously have a role to play in politics. They should be at the forefront of politics so they can influence the policies that will shape our future and enable us to care for our parents and the elderly.

All young people must join the political and democratic process; become members of political parties, aspire to party office of ward executive, local government executive, state executive and national level party cadres, register to vote and obtain the PVC, aspire to political offices of councilors, presidents of local government, states and national members of the assembly, governors of State and even president of the federal republic.

Young people must also vote in elections and defend their votes just as they are the group to be mobilized to defend the country in case of emergency or war.

Young people are the engine room of our Nation. You are the largest political party in our democracy and you can win any election if we band together and care. It’s the only country we have and we still have a long way to go before we get to the departure lounge. I encourage young people to join the political process. Get your voter card to employ people who will represent your interests if you don’t like your place and condition in society. We must reject politicians who use us during elections and abandon us immediately after the election. We must vote correctly if we are to begin to rebuild our Nation. Finally, all young people must reject the violence and weapons of politicians.

They should bring their children from Europe and America and give them arms. You are also someone’s children and also want to go abroad and work in big companies.

The idea that the future must be built for young people has failed. Can we try to build the Youth of the future? The Prime Minister of Finland is only 34 years old. Is she better than the Nigerian youth? Of course not. Nigerian youths have shown capability and leadership in the film, music, sports and IT industry. They matched and mostly dominated other youngsters on the world stage. It is a testimony that they will do better if given the opportunity to show leadership.

Nigeria was at its best under the leadership of the First Republic Youths. It was the Nigerians of youthful age who wrested power from the British colonial masters. The Youth proved capable of providing leadership immediately after independence and will do so again given the opportunity and on an equal footing. It is lame to use capacity and experience to deprive young people of their rightful place in Nigeria.

The good news is that young people have taken their destiny into their own hands. We don’t wait for someone to give us power, they take it from us because in a democracy, that requires numbers and energy. We have both.

Young people have proven themselves in sports, music, film and IT on the world stage. They have shown ingenuity and ability without government support. Young people will bring their capacity, ingenuity and energy to transform our nation and our states. We have everything to lose if our country remains in this sad state. We have just arrived and need to dress our beds properly as we still have a very long way to go to the departure lounge. We cannot afford to allow people who have had fruitful and quality times in their lives to continue to shape a future of which they may not be a part. Let me give you a typical example. I read the Petroleum Industry Bill which was passed and assented to. He is devoid of ideas and vision for the future.

The past and present are the decline of oil and gas resources. The future is in renewable energies such as solar energy and batteries. Once elected as a member representing the Federal Constituency of Arochukwu-Ohafia, I will initiate an amendment to the GDP Act to provide for the investment of a defined percentage of the proceeds of declining oil and gas resources in construction of battery and solar panel production plants across the country. to maintain our position as a player in the energy league.

Young people are the most beautiful and sorted after the bride in political marriage. Young people must unite to take back our country. We have everything to lose if we don’t have a country of our own. Young people form the dominant population in schools, organized services and the private sector such as banking, insurance, IT, telecommunications and hospitality, the police, the armed forces and other security agencies, groups of craftsmen and those who take the dangerous route to escape through the desert. We are only less numerous in the population of retirees, of the elderly, sick and fragile, of the entrenched political class and of those who abuse the nation and the States.

Therefore, the election is for us to lose or win in a democracy. Young people must exercise their right to vote. They should support the aspirants and candidates within the youthful age. We can see how they want to disenfranchise young people by fixing the sale of the nomination and expression of interest form at 50 and 100 million naira as a strategy to deny young people access to leadership position after years of impoverishment. We must outsmart them by joining political parties, registering to vote and getting our PVC, querying resources together to sponsor youth capable of running for office, coming out in droves to vote our candidates in elections and defending our votes until the results are announced.

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