Grassroots Youth Ministries report to city on activities – Kiowa County Signal

By Joanna Henry Special for signal

The Haviland City Council met April 13 at 7 p.m., beginning its meeting with an opening prayer from council member Steve Larsh.

The board reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting and approved them unanimously. They then reviewed the city’s finances and found everything to be normal. Council opened the floor for presentations from the public and community members.

Public speakers included grassroots youth ministries who were represented by CEO Executive Director Debra Factor and Susan Rose. These two talked about the work that Youth Core Ministries has done to improve the communities of Haviland, Greensburg and Pratt. They specifically talked about their Core Community initiative which started in 2015 and which aims to break the cycle of poverty by helping the whole family.

Micheal Ranger, private business owner, stood up to talk about the Brighter Communities initiative. He presented several energy efficiency measures that could be implemented and tries to help with energy conservation in Haviland and the surrounding area.

The last speaker was Julie Lyon who works with economic development and who came to talk about some tentative ideas for building the community and adding infrastructure.

“You’re in it for the long haul instead of allowing deterioration,” Lyon said.

She also talked about the child care programs she is working to open in Haviland and Mullinville.

The board then moved forward to consider signing the Hach service agreement. This signing motion was moved by council member Brad Linganfelter and was voted on with full support by the other council members.

The meeting then proceeded to review the update of three local ordinances, namely: the Standard Traffic Ordinance, the Uniform Code of Public Offenses Ordinance and the Noise Ordinance. Approval of the updated Standard Traffic Ordinance and Uniform Public Offenses Code passed unanimously. The noise ordinance update was discussed and council decided to allow the city attorney to draft a new update.

Beautification of the city was brought up as a concern and a discussion of budgeting for flowers in the city was discussed.

There were some updates for some of the old cases which were as follows: brief discussion on the ARPA fund, an update on the water and waste operator, the sale of the old fire truck and mention of additional personnel interviewed during some of the maintenance shifts and one code enforcement shift. The board then met in executive session and the meeting was adjourned.

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