Former assistant to Melania Trump hints at ‘more tapes from ex-First Lady’ after trial dropped

A former assistant of Melanie Trump claims she has “more tapes” to back up the unflattering claims she made about the former First Lady in her memoir.

In her book Melania and Me, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff made several derogatory statements about Ms. Trump.

She also claimed that the funds intended for the ex-president that of Donald Trump the inauguration in 2017 had been hijacked by the family.

Now the US Department of Justice has dropped its lawsuits against his book, which sought to confiscate the profits.

The book recalled Ms Trump’s disagreements with her husband Donald as well as a seemingly tense rivalry with her daughter Ivanka.

After the book’s release, Ms.Trump’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham said the memoirs “were not only extremely self-glorifying, they just aren’t true.”

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, second left, with husband David, left, Melania Trump, second right and Donald Trump, right

Ms Wolkoff, 50, worked as an unpaid advisor to Ms Trump from January 2017 to February 2018.

She says the anecdotes are based on secret recordings she made of Ms. Trump while working for her.

Wolkoff released several of the tapes while promoting the book, which came out in September 2020 ahead of the US election, but claims to have many more clips.

Melanie Trump
Ms Wolkoff worked as an assistant to the former first lady between January 2017 and February 2018

Government lawyers on Monday filed the notice of closure of the case with a judge, saying he “voluntarily rejected this action.”

No further details were given on the reasons for its abandonment.

Ms Wolkoff had been accused of violating a nondisclosure agreement to write the revealing account.

The former assistant made headlines when she posted tapes of Ms Trump last year, with the former first lady hearing Stormy Daniels, who was linked to Mr Trump, a “porn prostitute” in one of the clips.

Stephanie Wolkoff
Ms Wolkoff claims she has more recordings of Ms Trump after Justice Department lawsuit against her drops

Ms Daniels replied to the recording on Twitter: “Hahaha! Although I haven’t been paid for sex and therefore technically not a ‘whore’, I’m going to accept that for what you are anyway. day.

“You sold your pussy AND your soul. Keep talking about me.”

Adult star Ms Daniels did not sleep with Mr Trump as a prostitute, but the former president arranged a payment of $ 130,000 (£ 94,000) to prevent him from discussing an affair between them.

After the US government dropped the lawsuit, Ms Wolkoff posted a series of triumphant messages on Twitter as she claimed she had even more information about her former boss.

She wrote: “Melania opened Pandora’s box involving the DOJ.

“The enormous amount of communications and documents I own and share tell the truth about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ contracts were ‘created’ and ‘terminated’ and who was involved. THE TRUTH PREVIDES. “

Melanie and me
Ms Wolkoff’s memoir Melania and Me was published in September 2020

She continued, “The Trumps gagged me and tried to silence me and the truth. Justice prevailed!”

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