Emirates News Agency – Emirates Health Services launches youth empowerment strategy

DUBAI, 7th September, 2022 (WAM) — The Emirates Health Services (EHS) Youth Council has launched a comprehensive strategy to empower young people, hone their talents and provide them with the capabilities and skills to be active in the health sector by having an influential voice and presence.

The strategy aims to provide a unique work experience for young people in EHS in a supportive work environment that helps them shape roles within EHS and advance in their career path, while enhancing it by as a leading entity in the healthcare sector in the country. The strategy, moreover, aims to involve young people in finding solutions to challenges based on creative and innovative thinking.

Dr. Yousif Al Serkal, Chief Executive Officer of EHS, said, “The launch of the Youth Strategy is in line with EHS strategies, mission and vision to invest in young people and improve the working environment to develop their skills. EHS believes that supporting and enabling young people to effectively contribute to the realization of their achievements, in line with the wise directives of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates, as a main pillar of the nation’s development processes over the next fifty years. »

Mahaba Al Saleh, Chairman of the EHS Youth Council, said the institution’s goals and strategies are in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to empower young people in all sectors. , and to highlight the UAE model and approach to empowering young people to lead development efforts in federal government institutions.

The strategy developed by the Youth Council draws on the framework of the Federal Youth Authority’s “Youth Empowerment Handbook” to achieve its goals. Six principles are followed: The first principle, Voice of Youth, encourages communication, participation, the sharing of ideas and opinions as well as effective participation in the decision-making process in EHS. The second principle, Appreciation, seeks to recognize effort as well as provide incentives to increase productivity. The third principle, Purpose, aims to ingrain youth loyalty and ownership in EHS and increase job satisfaction.

The fourth principle, Orientation, aims to develop skills and abilities through mentoring, supervision and support at a professional and personal level. Development is the fifth principle, which aims to improve and strengthen capacities and performance through the acquisition of new skills and the improvement of their professional performance. Opportunity, the sixth principle, aims to create equal opportunity for career advancement.

The Youth Council has launched a number of initiatives, including the Sawtak Wasel initiative, which provides young people with active participation at the senior management level, enhancing leadership skills and encouraging them to share ideas to solve challenges as well as the ability to engage directly with management. .

EHS has also launched the Nomu initiative to provide workshops and specialized training courses for young people and create more youth-centered opportunities that enable their participation in decision-making.

In addition, the Oun initiative develops a team of young volunteers to help and participate in initiatives, events and activities organized by EHS.

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