Effect of violent video games on the personality of young people

By Syed Wajeeh Haider Rizvi

According to the latest research, it has been found that when the COVID-19 virus hits the world, it has stopped children for their social activities and they are stuck at home all the free time they spend using cell phones and to play video games. Due to which it is shown that their behavior is going to be more aggressive and violent. According to this research, extreme violence involving young adults and the hyperlinks associated with violent video games have resulted in a prolonged interest in violence in online games. The mechanisms behind the hyperlink between violent video games and aggressive behavior. The impact of violent video games as an effect of developmental changes throughout early childhood has yet to be addressed. Biological changes in early life are associated with a peak in aggressive habits during early adolescence, a certain period when violent online gaming is at its zenith. Violent video games pose a public health risk to young people. It also explains how the integral to determine the periods of adolescence progresses during which video games represent the greatest danger.

The work records the poor results of violent video games that hire violent black avatars. People who play violent video games as violent black characters are more likely to assume that black people are violent people, even though they are harmless to ever commit acts of violence. Playing an online game as a violent black personality is likely to expand the player’s aggression against others at the same time much more than playing a violent recreation as white characters would. The result obviously supports the hypothesis that violent video game advertising constitutes a public health opportunity for children and young people, including school-aged contributors. Advertising is negatively associated with increased levels of aggression in adolescents in experimental and non-experimental models, as well as in women and men. It is negatively associated with prosocial habits. The researchers’ findings further conclude that advertising is negatively related to the fundamental mechanism underlying long-term outcomes on the progression of aggressive personality and aggressive cognition. Finally, exposure is negatively related to aggressive impact and physiological arousal.

It is observed that the empirical understanding of the long-term influences of video games on the violence of the formative years remains bleak. Although a few short-term prospective years, violence had illogical results and was limited by the poor clinical validity of the aggression/violence measures used and the lack of demographic control for other vital variables. Current knowledge represents the primary possible study for hiring medical measures of aggression and violence and for carefully managing a number of important alternative causes that may influence the outcomes of youth violence interaction, either the desperation and the complex number of aggression of the antisocial person. We also find that exposure to armed violence influences young people. The fact is that they are direct victims or criminals. Socially, this could restrict the ability of young humans to improve healthy relationships and friendships. Victims of gun violence can also suffer eternal physical damage, both visible and invisible. Eventually, young people exposed to violent video games may perform poorly in school and lose hope for a productive and happy future. All of these results can feed directly into a pursuit cycle. The skills rewarded by such efforts are clearly fewer young people and young people injured and killed by weapons or stressed by the long-term emotional scars that occur when young people witness violence.

Violent video games:

It is an independent variable. Enjoying violent video games is linked to aggressive behavior. Exposure to violent video games for multiplied aggression. Violent video games are more addictive in young people and lead to depression, variety of stereotypes, injury or sexual arousal, violence and murder.

It is also defined as which company has been shown since video gaming has existed as PUBG, Free Fire, Counter Strike, Call of Duty are so vague they have little real meaning.


It is a dependent variable. Up to 97% of 13-19 year olds play video games, contributing to the $21.53 billion online gaming industry. More than half of the 50 best-selling video games incorporate violence. Violent video game addiction is the heavy or continued use of laptop computers and video games that interferes with daily lifestyles.

From a public health perspective, violent images have been shown to have long-lasting effects on arousal, ideas, and emotions, increasing the likelihood of aggressive or frightened behavior. It is concluded that the long-term effects for young people who watch violence in video games are more controversial, in part because of the professional crisis in linking the behavior to past gaming. Yet, there is the most evidence from correlation experiments directly linking video game violence to crime. It is further concluded that the evidence supports a huge predictive relationship between violent online gaming and the person’s critical aggression behavior.

Writer is a researcher at the National University of Modern Languages ​​Islamabad (NUML) and his research interests are in the effect of violent video games on the personality of young people.

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