Does the use of electronic devices affect mental traits?

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In a study published in Biology of drug addiction, investigators found significant associations between the use of electronic devices and signs of depression and anxiety, as well as smoking and alcohol consumption. The team also found some genetic variants linked to these traits.

The study included data on thousands of individuals from UK Biobank. Three indicators of electronic device use were included in the study: watching television, using the computer and playing on the computer.

According to the authors, the study results suggest that reducing the time spent using electronic devices may help reduce mental health burdens.

Using DNA Sequencing Data with Electronic Health Records to Find Rare Variants Behind Inherited Diseases

More information:
Jing Ye et al, Associations between electronic devices use and common mental traits: A gene-environment interaction model using the UK Biobank data, Biology of drug addiction (2021). DOI: 10.1111 / adb.13111

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