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A Delhi court on Thursday asked the president of the Indian Medical Association, Dr JA Jayalal not to use the IMA platform to propagate a religion and instead focus on the welfare of the medical fraternity and observed than “To say that Christianity and allopathy are the same and that they are a gift from the Western world would be” the most inaccurate statement “.

The development came in a lawsuit brought by a certain Rohit Jha who alleged that Jayalal had launched a slanderous campaign against the Hindu religion by promoting Christianity in the guise of “Prove the superiority of allopathic medicines over Ayurvedic medicines” in covid cure. Jha had relied on a press article dated March 30, 2021 published in Nation World News with Jayalal’s televised debate with Baba Ramdev on news channels recently.

Observing that it is the duty of every Indian to honor the religion of the other, Judge of additional sessions Ajay Goel observed as follows:

“No one should go too far in allowing, forcing, creating such circumstances that involve forced consent or somehow attempted baiting. To say that Christianity and allopathy are the same and that they are the gift. of the Western world would be the most inaccurate statement. Sushrata who was an Indian is considered the god of surgery and surgery is an integral part of allopathy. ”

In addition, the Court declared “You cannot expect any kind of reckless or vague commentary from anyone chairing the responsible post. The IMA is a prestigious institution whose goals and objectives are aimed at the well-being of the physician and other related aspects. Such a platform cannot be used to propagate an individual’s views on any religion. ”

This was the case with Jha whom Jayalal had “seriously denigrated and denigrated his reputation in society as a Hindu” and claimed that in order to convert Hindus to the Christian religion he takes the shadow of the IMA by abusing his position as president of the IMA and is therefore doing everything to deceive the nation and its citizens.

Jha also urged the President of IMA not to write, speak in any media, including electronic media, or publish in any way or from any content / material defamatory of the Hindu religion or l ‘Ayurveda and not to further disseminate the defamatory and slanderous articles on social or electronic print media.

Further stating that the IMA president wanted to use his post for Christian missionary activities, Jha also argued that covid had become an opportunity for them to convert medical students, doctors and patients to Christianity. In addition, it has been stated that Jayalal wants the IMA to share the “in love with Jesus Christ and assure everyone that Jesus is the one who protects them personally”.

Additionally, Jha also argued that with the help of family prayers and night prayers, Christians now experience paradise and not the materialistic world.

Showing apprehension that Jha might have lodged a complaint “at the request of RSS”, it was submitted by the IMA President that he had neither made any personal comment on Hinduism nor intended to do so. It has also been stated that just connecting the recovery from Covid with Jesus does not mean that he has been involved in activities relating to Christianity.

It was also submitted that any Hindu doctor or person can also say that this or that God of Hindus helps recovery of Covid-19 patients, and in the same way Parsi, Muslims, Sikhs and Jews can also claim their recovery because of their respective God.

Denying the allegations of any involvement with RSS, Jha said the Modi government believed in Ayurveda because of its cultural values ​​and traditional belief in Hindutva and had argued that Ayurveda, Greek, homeopathy and yoga, etc. had their roots in Sanskrit, which is the language of Hindutva.

Hearing the aforementioned observations, the Court observed that the article of the President of the IMA dated March 30, 2021 with “Christian Today” was “not in good taste.”

Citing the observations of DY Chandrachud in the Navtej Johar case, the Court observed as follows:

“Secularism is a fundamental aspect of our Constitution and the duty to maintain the aspect of secularism in India does not rest on a single community but on the cumulative efforts of all Indians. The freedom to profess one’s own religion is also an integral part of the constitution, but with regard to other religions as well. For public officials who perform public office, a person’s religion, faith or belief is irrelevant. ”

Furthermore, the Court noted that:

“Although the controversy regarding Ayurveda and Allopathy has been raised, this tribunal is not inclined to comment further on the same thing. Each form of treatment is important, having its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the circumstances. cannot be expected from anyone presiding over the responsible position. IMA is a prestigious institution whose goals and objectives are aimed at the well-being of the physician and other related aspects. Such a platform cannot be used to propagate an individual’s opinions on a religion. ”

Noting that some aspects of the interview were “apparently not in harmony with the Constitution of India”, the Court said:

“Any words spoken by the accused in a public forum must relate to his position of responsibility. Therefore, the responsibility to act prudently rests heavily on the shoulder of the person in a higher position. his offhand remarks have a great impact on society. ”

In view of this, the court said that the head of the IMA would not use the IMA platform “to propagate a religion and would instead focus for the welfare of the medical fraternity and advancement in the medical field “.

“He is expected to not give such an opportunity so that people may believe otherwise or engage in any activity contrary to the principles enshrined in the constitution and uphold the dignity of the office he presides.” The Court said further.

Title: Rohit Jha c. Dr JA Jayalal, National President, Indian Medical Association

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