DAP Miri Women’s Wing launches sanitary napkin campaign for women and girls in need

Ling (center) handing sanitary napkins to Thien at the launch of the campaign.

MIRI (July 20): The Miri Women’s Wing of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) today launched a sanitary napkin campaign for needy women and girls here as part of their ongoing food basket campaign .

DAP Sarawak Secretary Alan Ling said the idea of ​​donating sanitary napkins arose during several of their tours of delivering food baskets to the needy here recently.

“Some of them came to see us and told us that they needed not only food but also sanitary napkins for the women and girls in their household.

“We never thought there was such a need, but DAP Miri Women’s Wing was excited about the idea and decided to come forward and launch this campaign today,” he said during from a press conference at DAP Miri headquarters here today.

Ling said that for a needy family that has three to four women in the household, it can be difficult to purchase sanitary napkins for all of them on a monthly basis, especially at this time due to the Covid pandemic. -19.

“To begin with, DAP Miri Women’s Wing aims to donate 100 packs of sanitary napkins to needy women and girls around Miri,” he said.

Ling pointed out that the branch also received a donation of RM3,000 from an anonymous donor to launch the campaign.

The public wishing to contribute to the campaign, he said, can deposit their donation into DAP Piasau bank account number 25500015930 (Hong Leong Bank).

DAP Miri Women’s Wing Commander Thien Sew Meei was also present at the press conference.

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