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MANGALURU: As menstrual waste disposal has become a growing problem across India, a gram panchayat in Dakshina Kannada district is leading the way in local menstrual waste management.
The GP, with a population of over 3000, including 1789 women, implements solid waste interventions to effectively separate and identify menstrual waste during routine garbage collection.
Kilpady GP launched Monday “Rutu”, a campaign dedicated to menstrual health and hygiene, as part of the Swachh Bharat mission. As part of this campaign, they distributed pink boxes, which serve as trash cans, to schools, anganwadis and the panchayat building, so that women throw sanitary napkins in these boxes, after wrapping them in paper. The towels are then collected and incinerated.
Providing details of the initiative, Kilpady panchayat development manager Poornima told TOI: This is probably the first time in the state that a GP has launched an initiative of this nature, in the part of the Swachh Grama Swasth Bharat campaign. As part of solid and liquid resource management (SLRM), we are encouraging people to adopt pipe composting for kitchen waste, and in a few areas, door-to-door wet waste collection has been initiated. . “Disposing of sanitary waste has been a challenge. Many sanitary napkins are made using materials such as super absorbent polymers, non-biodegradable plastic, glue, etc. which can take around 500 years to decompose. In urban areas, too, improper disposal methods and failure to separate menstrual waste from household waste leads to unsanitary working conditions and poses a risk of spreading infectious diseases among workers. Since the solid waste management rules (2016) consider menstrual waste as sanitary waste under solid waste, as a first step, we installed about six pink boxes to dispose of them, and once the awareness on the issue will increase, we hope to increase the number of boxes installed, ”she said.
The panchayat has already procured an incinerator that disposes of towels by burning them and turning them into ashes. The installed incinerator has the capacity to burn approximately 60 buffers at a time, in 20 minutes. “The response has been good so far. We encourage Anganwadis and members of ASHA and SHG to raise awareness on the safe disposal of sanitary napkins, ”said Poornima.
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