Creating Job Opportunities for Minority Youth: Cong Calls on TRS Government

Creating job opportunities for minority youth: Cong calls on government TRS

Hyderabad, April 16 (UNI) The Congress party on Saturday demanded that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government provide loans to minority youths and not handouts in the form of Ramzan kits to poor Muslims. Supporting the call for a boycott of the Iftar party to be hosted by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, Chairman of Minority Department of Hyderabad City Congress Committee (HCCC), Sameer Waliullah, said in a statement. that the Iftar party was organized by KCR or the distribution of Ramzan Kits worth Rs. 200-300 each among poor families would not help the community in any way. “Instead of serving one free meal a year, the state government should create employment opportunities for young people belonging to minority communities. They will be able to earn their bread and butter for the rest of their lives if they benefit loans or other employment-related assistance. Therefore, the state government should focus on creating employment opportunities for all,” he demanded. Sameer Waliullah alleged that the TRS government was deceiving minorities regarding their welfare by creating a hype around Iftar dinner and Ramzan kits.Compared to Telangana’s annual budget of Rs. 2.56 lakh crore, a small amount of Rs. 1 728 crores or only 0.12% of the total budget has been allocated for minority welfare.Not even 50 percent of the allocated budget has ever been spent in the past 7-8 years for the actual purpose. Using some sycophant rulers like the Home Secretary and publicity in the media, the chief minister is creating hype as if his government is spending a huge sum on the welfare of minorities. He said: “TRS Govt does not believe in economic empowerment of Muslims and KCR appreciates the scenes of poor Muslims queuing to collect the Rs. 100-200 of Ramzan kits every year. Therefore young Muslims and also their families have to decide whether they should apply for jobs and loans or beg for alms in front of the TRS government,” Waliullah said. The Congress leader alleged that the TRS government deliberately stopped or delayed the release of funds for programs related to higher education and employment He said the Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation did not disburse loans to unemployed minority youth once after its establishment in 2014. Nearly 1, 53 lakh of applications were received by the Society during the year 2015-2016. None of these applicants got the loans and the society subsequently stopped receiving the applications. Sameer Waliullah said: “The government nt TRS claims that it distributes Ramzan gift boxes to 4 lakh poor Muslim families. start their small business or self-employment scheme. If properly implemented, this decision could transform at least 50% of these beneficiaries into economic self-sufficiency. The Chairman of the Minorities Department of the HCCC said that if Chandrashekar Rao is truly secular and wants minorities to develop economically, so he has to allocate only Rs. 4,000 crore for the program. When KCR can advertise Rs 10 lakh to more than 17 lakh Dalit families in the state, then it should have no problem giving at least Rs 1 lakh each to nearly 4 Lakh poor Muslim families,” he added . UNI VV CS1702

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