Country Roads Trust and Diversified Energy run WVU Youth Camps

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) – Country Roads Trust, the name, image and likeness leader for WVU student-athletes, has partnered with Diversified Energy to host two free soccer camps at Mylan Park .

The morning session featured WVU quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and tight ends. It was the first event of its kind for Country Roads Trust, but the door has only been opened to pursue these types of camps with other WVU teams in different sports, with community and connecting athletes to the foreground.

“I can only imagine how these young guys feel here with the people they look up to and being able to go to Mountaineer Field next season and see these guys play and say, ‘yeah I spent the day with them’ , said Greg Hoyer.

“Being in college for almost three years now, every time you do three or four a year ago, a kid will come back, he’ll be 12 or 13 the next time you see him, and he’ll conjure up a memory that you might forget but he doesn’t forget,” quarterback Garrett Greene said. “It really puts everything into perspective that we really mean a lot to these kids and they mean a lot to we.”

The afternoon session was taught by linemen, linebackers and defensive backs, featuring two of North Central West Virginia’s members.

“I just saw a love for football, even if it was just playing catch or whatever, they still love football. That’s what I saw in me too,” said said offensive lineman Zach Frazier “It’s good to get away from the stadium and come here. It’s refreshing to see all these kids. Really helps me more than them probably.”

A Fairmont Senior legend and now a West Virginia stalwart entering his fifth year with the program, defensive lineman Dante Stills hopes local kids can learn from his team and be motivated by what they see.

“I loved it and I loved doing it. Mostly because they know you and they know your face, stuff like that. They’re like ‘hey Dante, Dante!’ loved it,” Stills said. “A kid who also stutters, his mom came up to me and said I was one of the biggest inspirations for the son who also stutters. It was cool for me because that’s all I care about, just helping people and making people smile.

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