Concern as raw sewage drains into river in York city center

A raw sewage slick can be found all along the River Ouse in downtown York.

These photos were taken by reader Michael Neal after a downpour Thursday afternoon (September 9).

He said YorkMix it is a regular occurrence and must be stopped.

He said: “There’s some sort of septic sump near Boots on Coney Street that stinks sometimes! Too much surface water causes it to overflow – this happens with every downpour.

Michael also said he saw sanitary napkins and wipes coming down the river, and this clearly poses a health hazard to users of the river, as well as being very unpleasant to residents and visitors.

“This needs to be sorted out,” he said.

Sewer blockage

Where the sewage goes into the river

We have contacted the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water about this.

This is what a spokesperson for the Environmental agency tell us.

We are grateful to members of the public who report concerns about the pollution of our rivers.

Storm overflows are designed to drain diluted wastewater into rivers or the sea during periods of heavy rainfall to prevent it from flowing back into homes and streets. However, blockages in sewers, often caused by grease and wet wipes rinsed and dumped into sewers, can cause overflows.

The Environment Agency is actively working with Yorkshire Water to ensure that overflows in York are properly controlled and that the damage they cause to the environment is stopped.

There is still a lot to be done to improve the quality of our water and we can all play our part in not keeping our sewers free of wet wipes and other sanitary products as well as ensuring that fats, oils and grease is not poured down the sink.

The tablecloth goes down the river

This is what a spokesperson for Yorkshire Water tell us.

We have Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) on our network, which reduces the risk of sewage back-up and flooding of homes and businesses during heavy rains.

The discharge is granted by the EA and is greatly diluted by the rain that we have experienced in the last 24 hours.

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