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City officials described estimated construction times for sanitation projects on or near Oak Street after some residents expressed frustration that the city has yet to set a timetable for expanding sanitation services to some neighborhoods north of Oak Street.

Prior to an initial presentation to Zionsville City Council, a town resident complained at the May 17 council meeting that he heard conflicting reports about when service would be connected to their home in Eaglewood Estates, located north just north of Oak Street, and another. said they were concerned house prices could drop due to a lack of service in town.

In his presentation at the same meeting, Lance Lantz, the city’s director of public works, listed the timelines residents could expect services to begin.

A sewer project along the north side of Oak Street between 800 E. and the new north / south connector has been under construction for a year. Lantz said Vectren, the region’s utility, had to move its gas line by June 2, which would allow the city to complete construction.

“I never like to speak badly about our partners, but we have to struggle with utilities on all these projects on a regular basis,” Lantz said. “We’ve been essentially at the mercy of Vectren’s schedule since last fall.”

In September 2020, Lantz said a conflict between the company’s gas line and the city’s future sewer line had been discovered. Lantz said Vectren’s schedule for removing the gas line initially had the company remove it by April 11, but the company’s start time was delayed to June 2. The city plans to complete construction on the project and have it served by mid-August, if Vectren is able to meet the planned date for relocating the gas line.

“Once that’s done, anyone with direct access to Oak Street and along this pipeline project will be able to connect if needed,” Lantz said. “Some residents are very frustrated and we owe it to them to give them as much information as we can give them so that they can plan accordingly. But when this Oak Street project was first developed, all of these signage areas were screened beforehand to ensure that, based on the number of houses, everything was sized so that future projects can be supported by the Oak Street sewer project.

Lantz said the city will begin construction on a future Oak Street low-pressure main power system, assuming the construction of a roundabout at 800 E. and Oak Street is approved. If not, Lantz said the system would not be necessary. The designs for the system project are expected to be completed this year. Lantz said the project will be built and commissioned in 2022, and the project will be built as part of a future roundabout project.

In addition, an extension project is expected to serve neighborhoods north of Oak Street, such as Eaglewood Estates, White Oak Court and Sycamore Court. The expected deadlines for the extension project are as follows:

  • Survey: one to two months
  • Design and authorization: six to nine months
  • Bidding: two months
  • Award and contracts: one month
  • Pre-construction activities: two months
  • Start of construction in 12 to 16 months

The estimated times are the same for all neighborhoods that will be connected to the service, Lantz said.

“Depending on the type of sewer that comes in, it could be a 60 to 100 day installation,” Lantz said. “This information is forthcoming.”

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