CI Hero: Dunlap’s Children’s Librarian creates an immersive learning environment for children

DUNLAP, Ill. (WMBD) – Through rows of books, play areas and story time, the Dunlap Youth Services Librarian strives to provide opportunities for children to learn.

This week’s CI Hero dedicates programming to young people in Dunlap and surrounding communities.

One of those ways is story time on Wednesday mornings.

Miss Amy helps children enjoy learning and literacy.

“Little children come up to me, pull on my sleeve and say, ‘Miss Amy, I’m reading by myself. I’ve learned to read. and this is such an important time,'” Amy Edgar, Services librarian at the youth.

It’s age-appropriate programming and unique ideas, which keeps families engaged longer. Amy Edgar said access to books and other developmental activities helps children succeed in school and in life.

“When [kids] learning to read opens up a whole new world for them,” Edgar said. “A world of learning, but also of entertainment and pleasure. So it’s really gratifying to see children [be] proud of their success. »

Between the islands and isles of books and the open play areas, the library district manager said that because of Edgar’s involvement, the children display a love of learning.

“We have children that we cannot keep up with,” said director Laura Keyes-Kaplafka. “They come in and check armfuls of books and then come a few days later and trade them in for more armfuls of books and we love to see that. I’m so proud that Amy is building relationships with families and watching the kids grow step by step and improve as readers.

While the Library District has programs for children, teens and adults, Edgar said it plays a much bigger role.

“It really is one of the new places in society where everyone is welcome to congregate, build relationships and inspire lifelong learning,” Edgar said.

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