New program trains and mentors sports coaches and youth video game enthusiasts to provide young people with vital mental health support

NEW YORK, April 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, by Harry announced the winner of its Open Minds initiative: a search for the next big idea to change the state of mental health in the United States. Thanks to Harry’s partnership and the donation of $5 million the winner will bring their idea to life over the next three years. After months of reviewing breakthrough ideas and applications, Harry’s has selected Team: Changing Mindsets as a winner of the Open Minds Initiative.

In partnership with Futures Without Violence, the National Council for Mental Wellness, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and founding investor Harry’s, Team: Changing Mindsets will launch a groundbreaking national network of mental health workers dedicated to helping teens and young men recognize the signs of early mental health issues and connect them to supportive resources. The program will leverage the broad appeal of video games and youth sports to train more than 200,000 youth and adult mental health workers who are active in these and other popular youth activities, with the goal of reach 1 million people in its first 3 years.

“We are thrilled to come together with our partners Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the National Council for Mental Wellbeing to launch Team: Changing Mindsets later this year,” said Brian O’Connor of Futures Without Violence. “With deep gratitude to Harry’s, we will be able to recruit thousands of youth coaches, mentors and other influential adults and peers to provide vital mental health support to boys, especially young men of colour, now at a time when it is most needed.”

While half of all chronic mental health problems begin at age 14, it takes an average of more than ten years for most people to access help, Black, Indigenous and other young men of color being the least likely to have access to help. By increasing the number of young men connecting to support earlier in their life trajectory, Team: Changing Mindsets offers the promise of reducing suicides in the United States among men, who currently account for 79% of suicide deaths. »

“Of all demographic groups, young men are the least likely to get mental health support. The consequences are devastating and we at Harry’s understand that there is so much more work to be done in space” , said the co-founder of Harry and co-CEO jeff raider“We are extremely grateful to partner with Team: Changing Mindsets to change the way we think about mental health as a society and provide the resources young men need to seek help so we can have an impact.”

Harry’s Open Minds initiative builds on the company’s longstanding commitment to promoting better mental health care for men. Since launching the men’s grooming brand in 2013, Harry’s has dedicated 1% of its sales to its social mission. In 2019, Harry’s shifted its social mission towards providing men with access to better mental health care, working with incredible organizations that have made a big impact in mental health, especially for young men, LGBTQ people, veterans and black communities. To date, the brand has donated more than $8 million and helped more than 900,000 men get the care they needed.

About Harry’s
We founded Harry’s because shopping for shaving supplies was a frustrating experience and the products themselves were overpriced and over-engineered. We saw an opportunity to create a brand that encourages men to rethink their routines and since shaving, we’ve started to take on the same challenge in other men’s grooming categories, including body and hair. .

At Harry’s, we aim to always put our customers first, which means being readily available wherever they want to shop – whether it’s or one of our retail partners – and giving organizations that promote better mental health care for men. We reserve 1% of our sales for donation to charities that share our ambition to bring quality mental health care to men everywhere. Our goal is to provide 1.5 million men with access to mental health care by 2024.

We built Harry’s as a brand for guys who want to chart their own path. At the heart of our mission is the belief in creating things people love more. For more information about Harry’s, please visit

About the team: Changing minds

Team: Changing Mindsets is a collaboration between Futures Without Violence, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and National Council for Mental Wellbeing. These national organizations have come together because big challenges cannot be solved on their own.

With founding investment from Harry’s, Inc., Team: Changing Mindsets will launch later this year (in 2022) and will be the first national network of its kind of mental health workers embedded in the activities kids love – and specializing in reaching young people, youth identified as male, and especially young men and boys of Color.

The program is designed to help young people recognize the signs of mental health issues and connect to supports earlier in life, before these issues potentially become crises in adulthood. Watch the Team: Changing Mindsets video here.

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