Medical Use

Breast cancer immunotherapy: types and effectiveness

Immunotherapy is a treatment option for certain types of breast cancer. He uses drugs to stimulate the immune system to destroy cancer cells. Immunotherapy drugs work with an individual’s immune system to help them recognize and attack breast cancer cells. Doctors may use immunotherapy alone or in combination with chemotherapy, …

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Appropriate use of antibiotics

Antibiotics can only treat diseases caused by bacteria. However, there is a common misconception that they can also treat viral illnesses, such as the common cold, bronchitis, and the flu. This poor public education, surrounding the use of antibiotics, in addition to inappropriate prescriptions by doctors, has led to increased …

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International Clinical Trials Day: May 20

You are the: May 24, 2021 Each year the Australian and New Zealand College of Anesthesiologists Clinical Trials Network (ANZCA CTN) famous International Clinical Trials Day to recognize the outstanding contribution of our ANZCA and Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) fellows, trainees and research coordinators for clinical trials led by …

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