Camp POSTCARD to bring youth and law enforcement together on Casper Mountain

A camper falls into the arms of other campers during a trust exercise. (Screenshot via Volunteers of America Northern Rockies video)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Volunteers of America Northern Rockies will host Camp POSTCARD June 12-17 at Lions Camp on Lemers Road on Casper Mountain.

POSTCARD stands for “Agents of Peace Striving to Create and Strengthen Dreams,” and the camp will bring together fifth and sixth graders with law enforcement. The camp will include 19 peace officers and nine junior mentors acting as coaches and mentors to help the 74 children who will attend.

“Camp POSTCARD builds positive connections between youth and law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, building a relationship to help reduce crime and the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs,” said said a press release from the Volunteers of America. “The experience provides a safe environment that emphasizes appropriate role models, ideals, and values. Campers are allowed and expected to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas and learn the importance of self-respect. themselves and others, teamwork, self-control and dignity.

“Throughout the week, a variety of planned activities help young people develop their self-esteem, leadership and decision-making skills. This includes a number of specialized team building activities and events. Young people also participate in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, police demonstrations, archery, concerts, crafts and rifle shooting, with visits from guest speakers.

The camp will host a demonstration day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, June 16, during which Wyoming officers will demonstrate everything from the work of deminers to K-9 police to search and rescue teams, according to the press release.

Volunteers of America Northern Rockies shared where camp attendees are from in the press release:

  • Campbell County: 12 campers, 2 junior mentors, 2 officers/advisors
  • Carbon County: 2 campers, 1 officer/advisor
  • Fremont County: 16 campers, 1 junior mentor, 4 officers/advisors
  • Johnson County: 9 campers, 1 junior mentor, 1 officer/counsellor
  • Laramie County: 8 campers, 1 junior mentor, 2 officers/advisors
  • Natrona County: 9 campers, 2 junior mentors, 4 officers/advisors
  • Niobrara County: 1 motorhome
  • Sheridan County: 7 campers, 1 junior mentor, 2 officers/advisors
  • Sweetwater County: 4 campers, 1 officer/councillor
  • Teton County: 6 campers, 1 junior mentor, 2 officers/advisors

“To learn more about Camp POSTCARD, visit our website:“, the press release adds. “A video on why we put on Camp POSTCARD can be seen here:”

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