(BPRW) Black father and son offer online summer camp to teach third grade financial literacy and investing | Press Releases

(BPRW) Black father and son offer online summer camp to teach third grade financial literacy and investing

Financial Literacy and Investing Summer Camps for Youth

(Black PR Wire) Junior Wallstreeters, Inc., a non-profit organization, is excited to offer an online summer camp for young people. The camp is great for preventing learning loss and provides a fun environment for students to learn financial and investing concepts.

The camps will teach students lifelong financial education skills and discipline through 10 lessons with an emphasis on African American history and culture. Chisolm, Executive Director of Junior Wallstreeters, Inc says, “In addition to topics such as budgeting, banking, and stock market investing, our camp goes above and beyond by exploring community wealth building through clubs. of investment. “Simply put,” says Chisolm, “our goal is to teach financial literacy to close the wealth gap by showing young people how to properly use money as a tool. According to a recent McKinsey & Company report, the average median family wealth for African American households is $24,000 to $164,000 for white family households. These camps are not just for African Americans but for all underserved communities.

A parent whose child participated last summer wrote:

Dear Mr Chisolm,

Thank you for offering this camp to young people. My son has acquired a lot of useful information that he has already started to apply. He opened a savings account yesterday at a credit union and asked them a lot of questions about interest, types of loans, etc., which I know was a direct result of being in this class.

In addition to the Financial and Investment Literacy Camp, Junior Wallstreeters offers the following: 1) Introduction to Cryptocurrency and NFTs; and 2) Introduction to real estate investing and advanced investment clubs. The financial and investment literacy session is a prerequisite for these advanced sessions. The Financial Literacy and Investment Camp will be held virtually every two weeks for six weeks between June 27 and August 5, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST with a one-hour lunch break. The Cryptocurrency Primer will be held July 11-15 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. The Introductory Real Estate Investing and Advanced Investment Club Camps will be held July 11-July 22 from 12-5pm EST and July 25-August 5 from 10am-3pm EST.

Students must be between the ages of 12 and 22 and have a computer with internet access. Parents with young children should contact Mr. Chisolm. The cost for the two-week camp session is $300 to $325. This fee includes an electronic student manual.

Junior Wallstreeters secured several scholarships for underserved students to attend camp. Chisolm says, “We want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to get a financial education regardless of their family’s financial situation. Families who would like a scholarship to attend camp should visit our website for the scholarship application. Those who wish to support us can sponsor a camper or make a donation to: https://donorbox.org/empowering-youth-with-financial-wellness?default_interval=o

Limited places available. You can register for all sessions at: https://www.thejrwallstreeter.com

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