bp Oman and Youth Sada launch fourth cycle of Center programs

In partnership with bp Oman, Youth Sada launched the fourth cycle of Youth Sada Center programs. It aims to develop and incubate a set of initiatives in the governorate of Ad’Dhahirah through a series of activities and forums lasting 10 months.

Youth Sada Center programs focus on four main activities which include Youth Initiative Incubation Program, Exchange Forum, Youth Council Initiative and Major Training Courses. This social investment program managed by bp continuously benefits communities with the contribution of our Block 61 partners. Block 61 is operated by bp in partnership with OQ, PTTEP and PETRONAS.

The youth initiatives incubation program will incubate 10 initiatives in the Ad’Dhahirah region and provide them with training, consultations, logistics, monthly workshops, marketing and administrative services.

Shamsa Al-Rawahi, Head of Social Investment at bp Oman, said: “The initiatives of the Youth Sada Center are essential for society as they encourage community work in the region, through a range of initiatives and sustainable ideas. In addition, it also equips our young people and trains them to carry out projects independently and professionally. »

The Youth Council Initiative will host national and Gulf-based initiatives in a forum where each group will present their trials and experiences and enable collaborations and partnerships between different initiatives. As for the Exchange Forum initiative, it is a quarterly event that will bring together groups of young people to highlight and discuss key social issues.

Suleiman Al Maqrashi, Project Manager at Youth Sada, added, “The Youth Sada center plays an important role in strengthening initiatives around the Ad’Dhahirah region. This was evident through the results of the last three program cycles, which showed that a total of 30 initiatives benefited directly and 10 benefited indirectly. This has allowed sustainable social projects to flourish, contributing greatly to the increase in community work over the past three years.

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