Big Bend area summer camps, parents and kids prepare for reopening of youth activities

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Effective immediately, Florida is lifting all restrictions on youth activities, including summer camps and athletics.

Kristal Franklin, president of Gallop’s Family Center, says they won’t stray from CDC guidelines.

“I feel like where we are is our new normal,” Franklin said. “So our cleaning schedules and our expectations, and the things that we’ve implemented instantly, to make sure our building is as healthy and safe as possible.”

Jeremy Rogers, CEO of Tots and Trails, says that while his group has had to consolidate into one building, social distancing guidelines have not affected their operation.

“We’re out in nature on a trail leading a lesson plan under a tree, instead of sitting in a classroom,” Rogers said. “We’re excited about these other camps in town, which were really feeling the struggle and the pressure.”

Both groups aren’t taking as many campers as they had hoped, but are excited to get back to doing what they love, interacting with children of all ages.

“The one thing that we take every day at the end of the day is that we always share what they said, because it’s amazing the things they share with you,” Franklin said.

“Whenever I go on a big trip or have a big mountain to climb, every morning I either give the expedition report or I get the expedition report,” Rogers said. “I try to pass that on to the little ones and make it exciting.”

Summer Camp at Gallop’s begins June 1 and ends July 31.

Parents can choose to enroll their children for nine weeks or less.

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