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Austin City Council will hold public hearings on various assessments at its next regular meeting.

The hearings will focus on assessments on the following:

• Turtle Creek 2 sanitary sewer;

• Various sidewalk and driveway projects;

• Snow removal;

• Garbage and garbage disposal;

• Removal of weeds and grass;

• Administrative citations (Park, Recreation and forestry, Town planning and zoning, Rental housing and Rainwater);

• Unpaid vacant property fees; and

• A senior report for sanitary sewers.

Council will also vote on a motion to recommend the single point bridge design option for the replacement of the Fourth Street Northwest Interstate 90 bridge during the meeting. The bridge is expected to be replaced in 2023.

Austin Fire Chief Jim McCoy will discuss a proposal from the Austin Fire Department’s Appliance Group for the replacement of the service’s ‘rescue’ style appliance (Unit 301) during the working session of the council. The replacement of the 301 is foreseen in the 2022 budget; the group of devices proposed replacing it with a pickup truck and trailer.

“The pickup will be designed with a cover to store necessary rope rescue and firefighting equipment currently located at 301,” McCoy said in a letter to the mayor and council. “The trailer will be equipped with heat and air to enable the rehabilitation of firefighters and immediately remove victims from continued exposure to hazardous elements.”

The device group also offered to trade in the 305 motor for the purchase of a mini-pump, which has the same pumping capacity as the old motor, but the cost of future replacement is reduced.

City Engineer Steven Lang will discuss a proposed increase in the rates for storm water services during the working session. He recommends increases of $ 1 ($ 4 to $ 5) per month for a single-family home and $ 6 ($ 24 to $ 30) per acre per month for a commercial property.

Lang said the increase is needed to meet Cedar River Watershed District regulations, growing reconstruction needs, and projects identified in the five-year capital improvement plan, among others.

The next regular council meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 4, in the council chamber at City Hall. The working session will be held in the Council Chamber immediately after the meeting.

The meeting is open to the public; However, any citizen wishing to monitor the meeting remotely should do so by logging into Charter Channel 180. Anyone who is unable to do so, or anyone wishing to address the council remotely, should contact the Clerk. Municipal Ann Kasel at 507-437-9943 or to make advance arrangements.

For a full council agenda, visit For a full agenda of the working sessions, visit

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