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I’m 14 and already feel like there’s a lot of stress I can’t cope with. Adults always say that children have nothing to fear, so if I feel that way, it’s not taken seriously. I wanted to know if this could have a negative impact on my life. And how can I better manage my stress? – Name omitted

Dear writer, you can think of me as an adult who takes your stress concerns seriously. It must be difficult for you to be disabled, especially when you are looking for support.

You are in a situation where you are faced with serious academic demands, while at the same time your brain and body are still developing. It is also important for your social and emotional development to connect in a meaningful way with your peers.

You will definitely benefit from managing your stress. You can achieve this by exercising, spending quality time with your peers, eating a healthy diet, and getting a good night’s sleep.

An important part of reducing stress is structuring your workload. Reserve sufficient time for your academic tasks. If you have any problems with your academic work, please contact your professors and ask for their help.

Finally, I suggest you contact your parents to see if you can help them understand your stress. It would be wonderful to have them by your side to give you the emotional support you need. Check adult cam sites here.

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