Andhra government to provide free sanitary napkins to girls studying in public schools

05 October 2021 20:01 STI

Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Oct 5 (ANI): Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Tuesday launched the “Swechha” program whereby the state government will provide good quality sanitary napkins to female students free of charge public educational institutions.
The Chief Minister said, “We are a government that firmly believes that the power to change history rests with the women of our state. Let us help them move forward. “
Speaking about the taboo associated with menstruation, Reddy said you shouldn’t hesitate to talk about menstruation. “We need to raise awareness among female students and educate them on safe practices,” he added.
According to a press release, the government will provide ten sanitary napkins each month to approximately 10 lakh teenage girls studying in grades 7 to 12 at all state schools and middle colleges in the state for a financial expenditure of Rs 32 crore in the framework of the initiative.
“A total of 120 towels per year will be allocated to each student. Even during the summer vacation, students will receive their quota before leaving school,” the statement said.

“The free branded sanitary products provided are a result of the state government signing memoranda of understanding with corporate conglomerates such as P&G and Niine Pvt Ltd and the brands provided in public schools are Whisper and Niine. In addition, through the signed MoUs, sanitary napkins will be sold in YSR Cheyutha retail stores at discounted prices to around 1 crore of women residing in rural and urban areas, ”he added.
The statement further stated that each school will have an educator appointed as a node officer to help students obtain sanitary napkins, safe disposal methods and any help the students may need.
“In addition to a safer and more environmentally friendly means of disposal, the state government has established 6,417 incinerators across the state as part of the Clean Andhra Pradesh (CLAP) initiative “, did he declare.
“Girls’ toilets with an uninterrupted water supply are being built in 56,703 public schools, hostels and educational institutions, expected to be completed by July 2023. Construction of separate toilets in 15,715 schools has already been completed “, he added.
The statement also said that as part of a monthly orientation program, Nodal officers, ANMs and Mahila Police will meet at the local Sachivalayam to educate and sensitize female students studying between grades 7 to 12. (ANI )

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