American pharmaceutical company Moderna builds factory in Africa

US pharmaceutical giant Moderna announced Thursday that it will build a factory in Africa. Pharmaceutical companies are under increasing pressure to increase production of the COVID-19 vaccine in low-dose areas.

“We will build a state-of-the-art mRNA facility in Africa with the aim of producing up to 500 million vaccines each year,” said a biotechnology company.

Moderna said earlier this year that it would increase global mRNA production. And in August, he announced he would build a factory in Canada as manufacturers struggled to meet increased demand for COVID-19 vaccines around the world.

However, the statement did not specify where the facility would be built, nor gave a date for its start – the company “hopes to start the process of selecting the country and location soon.” alone.

Pharmaceutical company NS He said it expects up to $ 500 million in new factories “which should include API manufacturing” and opportunities for packaging capabilities.

“It can help, but there is a distribution problem where all the infrastructure is not in place,” Bryan, Garnier & Co. analyst Jean-Jacques Le Fur, told AFP.

The announcement is due to growing pressure from U.S. pharmaceutical companies to lift their patents on coronavirus vaccines to help produce doses in low-volume areas.

The African office of the World Health Organization said half of the continental countries vaccinated are fully vaccinated with less than 2% of the population.

In July, Pfizer Laboratories and BioNTech announced that they had partnered with the Biovac group to bottle serum in Cape Town, South Africa, since 2022.

However, the creation of messenger RNA (the most delicate and important step) will continue to be carried out in Europe.

American pharmaceutical company Moderna opens vaccine plant in Canada

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American pharmaceutical company Moderna builds factory in Africa

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