AIM Youth Journalism Ambassadors Program: Meeting and Briefing

Arlington Independent Media is looking for a motivated group of high school students and young adults to help us pilot a new local journalism program for young people in Arlington County. This program will give students the opportunity to gain training in professional video and audio production techniques, news reporting, and storytelling. As Young Journalism Ambassadors, you will have early access to exclusive training and mentorship opportunities, in exchange for your feedback on the program.

For our December meeting, bring your story ideas! We’ll talk about how to turn these ideas into reality.

The pilot program includes:

Free monthly journalism club with classes and activities, visits from working journalists, pitch and story workshops, peer commentary, and more.

Access to AIM’s Media Production courses (courses include Field Video Production, TV Studio Production, Live Radio and Producer’s Workshop), which are generally adults only

Opportunity to present video ideas for a new TV show/YouTube channel hosted at AIM, and coaching on how to execute these pieces

Access to professional cameras, audio equipment, editing software and studio space

Exclusive access to after-school mentorship/studio time to work on projects

We welcome and encourage students who speak languages ​​other than English, or who are from historically underrepresented communities, to join us!

Come learn more about the program and weigh in on the stories YOU want to tell about Arlington! Snacks will be served.

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