Abhishek Raj Jain has launched an apprenticeship course for young people in India’s self-governing mission

Abhishek Raj Jain has launched an apprenticeship course for young people in India’s self-governing mission

New Delhi : Millions of college students are ready to enter the corporate world upon graduation, but unfortunately, not everyone will get a job of choice. There’s a huge gap between the numbers when it comes to young people earning and graduating. In the age of social media, people are connected to millions of followers or we can say their potential customers. Using the internet and social media for hours has wiped out productivity, leading to health and mental health issues as well. Maybe you feel sad, hopeless, or derive no joy from activities that were once fun. Sometimes you are worried, scared and just plain uncomfortable. Isn’t that a sign of anxiety? “Depression and anxiety are like two sides of the same coin. Being depressed often makes us anxious, and anxiety often makes us depressed. To avoid such problems, empower young people”Abishek Raj Jainbrings an online digital course that would provide a platform to earn with learning.

Among a plethora of people on this earth, most are conflicted in their thoughts about money and success, and others are conflicted in their personal and professional lives. Although opinion and understanding vary from person to person, Abishek Raj Jainlife coach and successful businessman, says “Nature gave us all the pieces to achieve exceptional well-being and health, but left it up to us to put them together”, he also suggests “don’t waste your life scrolling through social media, you can’t earn respect and money with that”.

What enables Abhishek to offer these insights is his experience of life. He comes from a modest background and understands what it takes to build a business with limited resources from scratch. He also gained great experience at an age when everyone thought the time was not to win but to learn. According to Abhishek, earning and learning go hand in hand. He also saw an abundance of money in their business and turned away from it to realize a few important aspects of money and income. These are the aspects he wishes to tell everyone and prevent them from making the same mistakes as him.

At a young age, Abhishek tried his hand at several businesses and excelled in all of his endeavors. Sometime after his trip began, he had earned enough money to buy the coveted car, the Mercedes. While he was delighted with his purchase, he quickly sold the car at a profit. This is a rare occurrence in the market and has motivated Abhishek to seriously consider automotive as a career and business avenue. All these years of trials, falls, failures and successes have helped him learn a lot and he wants to spread his knowledge to the community. His ideas about business, cars, and fitness all revolve around a common ground he believes in, which is self-improvement. For people who are in depression due to money problem in their personal life, he says “Anyone who has a smartphone and a working brain can earn a living in 30 days”, you could even say it’s an outrageous claim since we all understand that winning has not been child’s play since the dawn of time. His arguments and examples are quite challenging and even promising at the same time, he is confident in his theories and his fanbase, through these this young individual has done it all

about the nation changing people’s perspective on work and income. he already has over a million followers on social media. You can follow him and his vision on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/__abhishekrajjain/

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