A local veterinary clinic discussed the increasing workload of vets

CAP GIRARDEAU, Missouri (KFVS) – More Americans are adopting pets, especially those that have been locked indoors due to the pandemic.

This increase in the number of pet owners increases the workload of veterinarians.

“Honestly, for the past year and a half we’ve been very busy,” Heuring said.

Dr Brian Heuring of the Cape Animal Clinic said patient visits were on the rise and their caseloads were increasing.

“Over the past two days, we’ve put in almost 12 to 13 hours a day in an effort to keep pace,” Heuring said.

Heuring says keeping customers happy is stressful.

“It’s getting a lot and I know all of veterinary medicine is feeling it right now. A little shortage of vets, it gets stressful, we try to never say no to anyone who calls and is in need, ”Heuring said.

Heuring said its activity has doubled since the pandemic.

“I know we’ve ended up at times where we kind of have to sort out and take the most critical ones at that point and maybe put some of the less critical vaccines maybe a day or two more in one. effort to track and be able to provide this service to those who need it, ”Heuring said.

Before the pandemic, there was an overflow of animals awaiting adoption.

Now, future pet owners are the ones on the waiting list.

“When people have come together those of us in the industry are totally tuned in to what animals do for us psychologically and I’m a nurse even physically when you pet a pet it lowers your blood pressure, ”said Charlotte Craig, Humane Company of Southeast Missouri.

Even the last few days have been busy for pet adoptions.

“We adopted 75 pets in 6 days,” Craig said.

Perhaps a silver lining to a pandemic that continues to linger.

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