A hot and hazy ship recommendation for 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was not the game I expected this year. Usually it’s not the type of game I play, but I liked it because it gave me the opportunity to chill with friends that I couldn’t have seen thanks to the pandemic.

In my first week I managed to make it to the legendary “Island of Scorpio” and, I’m not kidding, Flick arrived on my island two days later. My friends told me to save every scorpion I caught and I watched in wonder as the chameleon gave me enough bells to pay off the loan I had on my house… about three times.

Additionally, Flick is, like, adorably dramatic, shy, and shamelessly rocking some Hot Topic vibes around the early 2000s.

“I can’t wait for you to meet CJ,” a friend told me shortly after I met Flick.

“JC? I asked like the sweet summer child that I was back then. “Who is it?”

I could practically feel the expedition glasses pointed in my direction as my friend typed in the response: “Flick’s boyfriend”.

Full Disclosure: It’s not a canon game that these two are dating, but if you’re like me, you like to indulge in non-gun ships every now and then (and by “every now and then” I means “as much as possible“I will get my ships out faster than Maes Hughes will get pictures of her daughter out).

Who are Flick and CJ?

Flick introduces himself.

In ACNH you receive a visitor every day. Flick and CJ are two characters who can potentially visit your island, and frankly, depending on the time of year, you can make a big piggy bank out of it. Flick will pay a hefty amount for any insects you catch while CJ will do the same, but with fish. I easily won several million. You can also get sculptures made from your takes as long as you are ready to surrender 3 of them.

What would their fanfic tags be?

Childhood friend: when you interact with the two, you find that they grew up together, their families close to each other. I do not know much Animal crossing lore, but a quick look at the Wiki says they strength be the sons of old characters who came to your island for the Bug Off (Nat) and the fishing tournament (Chip).

CJ reveals that he and Flick go back a long way.

Business partners: notice the patch they are wearing on their clothes? It turns out the two run a business together. I don’t know what they do with the bugs and fish they buy from you, but it must be pretty gorgeous because they are ready to take unlimited amounts of it. Other than that, Flick is an artist while CJ has a streaming channel (get it? Streaming? Because he’s a beaver? Who catches fish?).

Opposites attract: I’ve mentioned Flick’s character traits before and I’m delighted to report that CJ is the exact opposite. He’s a happy little beaver with puns in every sentence. Sadly, he’s not as poetic about receiving fish, but he’s genuinely excited about his channel and obsessively taking photos for his focus group.

BUT THEY WERE ROOMS: yes, the nirvana of the tropes of ships has descended on our humble island. Flick and CJ live together, and from what I can understand, they’re the only characters that do. Not only that, but according to CJ, at least they know each other so well that it made sense for them to become roommates – nudge nudge wink.

It made sense for them to become roommates (ayeeeee!)

DINK: I add the tag “double income with no kids” because these two are stupidly rich. As. When sea bream was still swimming in rivers, they were worth 15 THOUSAND bells. CJ would raise it to 22,500 PER FISH. I once filled my pockets with it (bless the big fish island) and CJ didn’t even flinch. “A whole swarm? Cool coil. How are 900,000 bells going? Then he had the nerve to ask for more fish because he still has bells ringing in his pockets!

Sir, I—

And Flick is the same! Gave me nearly 500,000 bells after my trip to Scorpion Island. “Let me know if you have more,” he said. I should also point out that they don’t make any money with their side gigs. Flick does these art commissions for free and CJ reveals in his Fishing Tournament (if you get a gold trophy) that he could get, check the ratings, 10 new followers of that. He doesn’t even care. He does it just for fun.

Other tips?

You find that the errands Flick makes are bugs you return AND fish. When you ask CJ for a commission, he proudly proclaims that Flick does them, then compliments him. Not only does he call her a genius when it comes to his art, but when you get the order in the mail, CJ attaches a letter that says his partner is from… flows.

He’s… he’s so in love, all of you!

In some ways this may seem a bit one-sided. CJ is the one who tells you family stories about Flick and his father. It’s CJ telling you that they live together. But really, it fits his character to be the most outgoing. He even stays in one spot when you find him on your island as Flick wanders all over the place, lost in thought, and even tells himself to calm his excitement. But we know he’s comfortable with CJ, after all he’s ready to model for him, and if you meet him on Bug Off week he tells us right away that he’s the only one. person he really talks to.

Partner, you say?

I should also note that according to the Wiki, in the Japanese dialogue, CJ reveals that Flick doesn’t get along with the rest of his family, especially his father. Is it a hint of anxiety that I detect? Guess that makes sense if your family wants to eat the bugs you’re trying to worship.

Also, I’m sorry, but… they CONSTANTLY call each other partner. Not friend, no business partner, just … partner. They are dating each other. Thassit!

Head cannons?

Flick is clearly an introvert who finds it difficult to be self-confident. Whenever you get a sculpture, he talks nervously about the fact that he couldn’t capture the exact likeness when he most certainly does. He also gives a little victory cry of “scored a commission” when you ask to do something. My lead says CJ was the one who convinced Flick to start offering commissions. CJ is his number one fan, so he encourages her all the time

Flick gains confidence by venturing into the islands and talking to the player. He also teases CJ a bit because the fish models never reach the “big” status that some of the bugs do. Flick has six bugs in particular that he’ll make HUGE models for, but he never makes fish that big (not even sharks).

Their house is on or near a river, and there’s plenty of room for Flick to have an art studio and for CJ to have a streaming facility. He totally tried to release Flick-made models which makes his boyfriend extremely confused.

Flick writes sonnets about his love for CJ and CJ responds with “nice” followed by a pun. CJ is able to tell everyone about her boyfriend BUT Flick. Flick’s words are so beautiful and CJ can’t even begin to describe how her boyfriend makes her feel… not in the face, anyway.

UA of choice?

Coffee shop AU with Flick the barista who tells you about the theatrical origins of all the menu items. CJ always starts his day with coffee (it’s hot, he mentions needing coffee during the fishing tournament) and gets something new every day just to hear Flick’s stories about how beans a distant lands are ground to hot, liquefied perfection before adding rich vanilla creams and decadent chocolate syrups.

That’s all I have for this ship. Let me know if you also like this ship, I know the Animal crossing fandom is full of different pairings. I also know that most of us have created our own little stories about our villagers, one day I will regale you with tales of Marshall and his various encounters.

The entrance to my island has a clear agenda 🙂

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