43 books, shows, podcasts and much more that brought 2020 to life

“In May, my book club chose Minor feelings: an American calculation of Asian origin for this month’s reading. Hong, an American of Korean descent, covers so many complex, fascinating and interesting topics in this collection of essays on the lives of Asian Americans in the United States: identity, humanity, belonging, immigration experiences, this that it means for people belonging to marginalized groups to suffer alternately. and carrying each other’s burdens, being an artist, a woman, and so much more, while balancing the tragic with humor so that the reading isn’t overwhelming.

There is also this mediation on the English language that I cannot help but think of as a writer from an immigrant family: “Once a source of shame, but I say it now with pride: bad English is my heritage. I share a literary lineage with writers who make non-fluency in English their rallying cry – who weird, twerk, hack, calibrate, the other by hijacking English and twisting it into one. fleeting language. For another Englishman, it is to make audible the imperial power sewn into the language, to open up English so that its dark stories disappear.

It’s not only a must read in general, but it was particularly resonant as we were seeing even more audience and crawl. anti-asian racism due to coronavirus. 11/10, I highly recommend it. –Zahra Barnes, Editor-in-Chief

Read it: $ 25, Bookstore, or $ 24, Amazon

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