33% of young Saudis expect to achieve financial independence by starting freelancing

Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — The Council for Family Affairs said that 33% of young Saudis plan to go into self-employment to achieve several goals, including financial independence.

The council said that one of the reasons that push young Saudis to engage in self-employment is their desire to seek an additional source of income, as well as their desire to realize and see several ideas and aspirations that they have, to be in front of them, and turn their imagination into reality.

Additionally, many young Saudis have previous experience in business activities, which would help them when they start working on their own.

Saudi youth are working seriously on developing their digital and management skills to start their business ventures, the council said.

He noted that they are also working hard to be among the entrepreneurs and to modernize the business and the facilities they own, or those they manage with other businesses.

The council said these young people need financial support, training and mentoring, in addition to technical support to help them with e-commerce activities.

He confirmed that there are more than 50 government programs specializing in financial support for young people, and they also provide them with consultation, training and mentoring.

The council also revealed programs that support the creation of pioneering ideas, including: Kafalah; Riyadh; Independent financing program of the Social Development Bank; and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s Hadaf Independent Support Program.

In addition, the Tourism Development Fund of the Tourism Partners program in partnership with Riyad Bank; Monshaat SME Support Center; and the Récif support program for farmers of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture provide support to these young people.

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